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Charming Villas in Italy

Imagine yourself sitting in the shadow of a beautiful porch, during a warm day of May, sweetly caressed by a soft wind which carries the fragrances of the earth. And now look around you and listen to the history transpiring from every brik, every road, every little village or hamlet or castle that you can reach with your sight.

This is what we want you to experience, we want you to know and feel the real Italy, that made of history and common people, of little villages and friendly atmosphere. This has always been our aim since we started to rent country houses in 1996.

15 years of experience in vacation rentals helped us to make a fine selection of the most charming villas, country houses, cottages and city apartments in Umbria, Tuscany, Marches, Lazio and Campania.

It will be a pleasure to find with you the perfect place for your holidays in Italy!

Picks Of The Month

Holiday rentals Umbria
Country property Umbria - Amelia
Azienda Agricola Il Pozzo
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Villa with private pool, Seaside apartments Lazio - Viterbo
Casa Golf
Holiday rentals Lazio
Villa with private pool Lazio - Viterbo
Villa Rossini
Holiday rentals Umbria
Country property Umbria - Amelia
Poggio della Rosa
Holiday rentals Umbria
Villa with private pool Umbria - Amelia
Il Poggio di Casanova
Holiday rentals Umbria
Villa with private pool Umbria - Perugia
Il Fosolo
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